Goose Farm, Canterbury

This is a part gated development comprising ten individual houses of traditional build with contemporary finishes to provide the highest standard of living and maximise the use of light and space.

The houses range from four bedroom detached properties comprising 195 m ² down to three / four bedroom semi-detached properties.

3/4 Bed Semi Detached House

Floor Plan - Type b

Plot 2: Coppin House £445,000 (available)
Plot 3: Arlingham House £445,000 (reserved)
Plot 4: £445,000 (reserved)
Plot 5: Russet House £445,000 (reserved)
Plot 9: Bramley House £445,000 (available)
Plot 10: Melrose House £445,000 (reserved)

4 Bed Detached House

Floor Plan - Type c

Plot 1: Claygate House £695,000 (available)
Plot 6: Roxbury House £720,000 (reserved)
Plot 7: Blenheim House £720,000 (reserved)
Plot 8: Courtland House £720,000 (reserved)

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